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I’m a middle child. My siblings are grown and scattered across the country. My mom was a home maker; my dad a contractor. He had the ability, hands down, to take any piece of wood and turn it into magic. His hands were his poetry and his passion was creating. I believe my passion for writing came from his genetics. For 25 years, I’ve been committed to writing and seek every available opportunity to learn and perfect what it takes to make not only a great writer, but a published writer. I aspire toward excellence because, just like my father’s philosophy, ‘good enough’ isn’t. Words matter. It is critically important how they are placed on the page that defines the difference between mediocrity and something quite fine. The ultimate goal in everything I write is to provide utter enjoyment for my readership because they are who I write for. This is the very essence of great writing and something I aspire to do always.

-D. Lunsford

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