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What’s Next?

It is an admirable accomplishment to have written a book. However, it’s time to stop basking in the achievement and implement the critically important ‘next step’. Your book is now at Mount Everest base camp. Your mission is to enlighten the world it will be at its summit soon. Now would be a good time to don your (emotionally detached) marketing cap.

As you shift gears into marketing mode, a viable plan is foundational. How will you achieve sales? Amazon is an incredibly powerful vehicle and certainly a strong start. It is important to note, however, you are competing with millions of talented writers vying for that same piece of real estate on Mount Everest’s summit. Think back to the day you began writing the first draft of your book. Rekindle that commitment and channel your energies into developing your marketing plan. This time your end goal is exponential (and consistent) sales.

A writer writes what a writer knows and thankfully, that same writer already has a clear vision of his or her audience. You wrote your book for that audience. It’s time to test sales. Enlist beta groups, book clubs, local media (in print and on air), seek author interviews. Listen to readership feedback and use those accolades to advance your sales. Do book signings—a tremendous platform where you can talk up your story and elicit prospective sales. Social media is your virtual voice and is vital to your daily marketing regimen and perhaps the broadest net you have to cast. Do you have an author page? tweet? Website? Target your local community. Enlist the help of local business with a sound proposal of why your work was tailor made to showcase in their venue. Make a plan and stick to its concept, but remember to maintain flexibility. Even the best ideas are subject to change and improvement when put to the test. Track your results and discard what doesn’t work as you fine-tune what does.

In its infancy, you are the most important ambassador your book will ever have. As you gain a following, your audience will add to the enhancement and attraction. For now, however, either breathe insurmountable life into your book’s future or sit back, relax and watch it fade into the sunset before it ever had the chance to rise above the clouds.

-D. Lunsford