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Cour.age  (kur- ij):  …the ability to do something that frightens one…

I used to think the only definition for the word courage was ‘to be brave’. The writing life has broadened my perspective and understanding. This writer has had absolute moments of fear throughout the publication journey. There have been stumbling block doozies; but blue skies are usually on the horizon to cancel those thunderheads on most occasions. Courage is a necessity in the writing process. It’s the key to sustaining strength and conviction no matter the stumbling blocks to keep writing in order to become a better writer.  Perhaps the broader definition of courage is self-belief coupled with the act of providing constant nourishment for your absolute passion of writing.

More importantly, however, one must remember how to embrace one’s conviction. Stand up tall once again whenever you fall… the writing road ahead is a long one. It’s for those who have the courage to keep moving forward.


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