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Does the Name Fit the Character?

Selecting a character name is foundational to enhancing story credibility. For example: If I were writing a Western, I wouldn’t name my trail boss (or any of my cowboys for that matter, ‘Winston’). I don’t recall ever reading a western novel where ‘Trail Boss Winston’ drove his 300 head of cattle across the open range.

Putting aside the mismatched name to the character, an unusual spelling of a character’s name could offer great interest to the story. For example, I came across an unusual spelling of Diane, my name, the other day which inspired me to apply my imagination. I thought about the fun I could have creating a character and scene around the unique spelling.

Given ‘Diane’ was spelled: D-y-e-a-n-n-e, I immediately envisioned a cocktail party scene.

The set up: Dyeanne would be dressed in a trendy little black dress—accessorized, of course, with her signature, 4-carat solitaire gently swaying from side to side as it dangled helplessly from its expensive gold chain around her skinny, bird-like neck. Dyeanne was intent on projecting fabulously beautiful confidence through her body language. Sadly, her stick-perfect, non-existent curvature was a complete contradiction to the flirty way she batted her devious see-through blue eyes.

The delivery: One thing Dyeanne had down to a science, however, was proud and perfect delivery when it came to explaining the spelling of her name: ‘…‘Dyeanne’; spelled with a ‘y’–like dye coloring–the ‘y’ followed by an ‘e’… and then the name ‘Anne’ follows the ‘e’ at the end of ‘Dye’, but there is no capital ‘A’ in ‘anne’

Does Dyeanne’s name fit her character?

-D. Lunsford

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