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Practicing patience is arduous at best. Even though I completed the first draft of my novel in February, 2012, its fate today continues to lay in the hands of a prospective publisher.

That ‘first draft’ mentioned above is not the version sitting in the hands of the current publishing prospect. A large amount of work, fine tuning, polishing and applied patience needed to occur before the query. Hint:  The savvy writer solicits help and makes the sound investment (let alone, emotional detachment) of hiring a professional editor to collaborate with. Since February, 2012, I’ve thought on more than one occasion: “Writing a book is the easiest part in the overall process of getting it published.”

Sixty days beyond February, 2012 and having completed my read-through’s, edits—grammatical as well as substantive, it was time to find an editor. Once my editor had the manuscript, I took a ‘break’ and began the educational process of finding a publisher—traditional publisher. It is critically important during this phase of book writing, one is focused enough to learn (and practice) the art of patience whenever possible. The journey toward publication may seem never-ending; but it is a fascinating, constantly evolving and changing industry. The process commands undying commitment, stick-to-it-iveness and more than a heaping, daily dose of patience.

Tears will fall and those same tears diminish with each victory attained—no matter how miniscule. Determination translates to achieving one step closer to the destiny while on the journey toward publication. Learning patience is a huge contributor to the deliverance of the goals we seek to accomplish…

I believe there is a lot of truth to the concept of no guarantees as much as there are no coincidences in life. There is, however, a guiding force in the lesson of patience. While I am personally challenged by the premise daily, I recognize the concept is an integral part of the journey toward publication.

When one door closes, the next will open. As writers, it is our mission to stay the course; never give up and without question, continue our journey with more than a little patience as we travel down this writing road…

-D. Lunsford