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What Sparks You?

When Place Your Words first launched in August, 2012, one of the initial pages created was titled “Spark Words”. My hope then (as it remains today), is to have its content flourish and grow with inspirational ‘spark words’. The further premise of this page is not limited to a word. Rather it is to encourage visitors to expound on his or her ‘spark word’. After all, while the ‘spark’ of one writer may leave another void of thought; think about how the ‘spark’ could ignite the flame and inspire that same writer to release the epic novel from within.

 As homage to the continued journey toward publication, let’s kick off 2013 with a spark word challenge: Write a story in a paragraph (or less) using your spark word. To get the ball rolling, I give you my ‘spark’.

 Spark Word: Horse

 “She lifts her head abruptly and pitches her ears forward. She listens with precise caution as she stands tenuously motionless. Early morning May awakens; winter  snows long-since gone. Her once wooly mammoth coat is now a sleek and glossy bay brilliance. Her dishy Arabian face exudes innocence—more than a contradiction to her mare ways. She is coming of age—a teenaged girl in the body of a horse. Satisfied there is no threat, she bends her head down to her foggy bottom field for another mouthful of sumptuous clover.”

 What sparks you?

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