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This Writer’s Journey

I am a writer. I have been writing stories ever since I learned how to hold a crayon. My early novels were pictures only. When I learned how to write words, ‘cat’ was one of my favorites. I had drawn so many pictures of them to that point, it seemed appropriate to use their images as my inspiration to match up the words I was finally able to write.

I don’t have an audacious resume—a BA or an MBA for that matter. I don’t have an endless bevy of credentials outlining Pulitzers and Caldecott awards, or a bounty of published works. However, I am in great awe of all those who do; such an amazing accomplishment to have achieved. What I do have is a deep-seeded work ethic and an endless love for words—how they are placed through the art of writing. I believe in doing the right thing and endeavor to follow the Golden Rule in each and every day. I seek out strangers often to learn about them and their lives. They are my inspiration for a character in a story I have yet to pen. I have written three manuscripts, endless pages of prose, and even managed a short story. Titles are my love; Fly High on the Wind, The Long Reach, and A Job is Just the Canvass–all titles I have captured for the stories I have written. I have queried and searched and queried some more. My writing journey is a steady quest and as bizarre as this may sound, I am grateful for the many rejections received thus far. They are lessons learned and determination personified because I will never give up writing nor the glorious destination toward publication.

It is not first about the money. It is about the story and a well-written one at that. Words matter. What matters even more is how the words are placed on the pages. They either grab the reader from the first placement to the last or they immediately kick that same reader to the curb because watching paint dry would have been far more entertaining than reading those poorly placed words. There’s an old adage: ‘everyone has a story to tell’…But, not everyone can write that story.

Echo Ranch, my debut novel, is intended to release to the public on January 14, 2014. This is a story that was not only meant to be told, but to be read as well. I am back at the keyboard working on my next writing adventure. It’s what we writers do… we write!


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